Founder Member

Late Shri V K Jain was Founder member of Tesla Group.

He was the founder of Tesla transformers Ltd. and established Tesla in the year 1972 at Bhopal.

He was a graduate Civil Engineer who served Army as a Major.

Tesla was started with a small capital of Rs. 50,000.

Initially, Tesla was manufacturing distribution transformers and was mainly supplying to M.P. Electricity Board.

Shri V.K Jain braved difficult times focus on quality which became the hallmark of Tesla.

With his strong leadership & vision Tesla is now one of the top 10 transformers manufacturers in India and exporting transformers to more than 25 countries globally and approval with all major consultants across India and Abroad.

Tesla achieved 380crores turnover in the year 2018 -19 under his leadership and working with his vision for a 1000 Crore company in coming years.