Y.K. Agrawal is a Senior General Manager (Operations) at Tesla Transformers (India) Limited where he handles planning, organizing and running optimum day to day operations. He has a well-versed knowledge about transformers – design, production, testing, troubleshooting etc.

Mr. Agrawal holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Government Engineering College, Rewa. He graduated in the year 1993, with high accolades. Alongside academics, he also actively participated in debates and sports activities which shaped him as a person. He then decided to gain Industrial experience and has been a very integral member of Tesla Transformers Private Limited for over 25 years (1994-Present) now.

In addition to his responsibilities in transformer manufacturing and related fields, he highly and actively contributes to the Management Team at the company – expansion, valuation, investment decisions, policy execution etc.

Mr. Agrawal’s active role in the company, leadership and constant contribution has made Tesla Transformers one among the few companies with more than 120 successful short-circuit tests in various ranges up to 50 MVA/132 KV.  His quick decision-making ability, has helped the company meet the increased demands without long-term liabilities.