50 MVA, 220 KV Winding under process

Setting high Standards as a consistent guarantee of the highest quality the company have achieved ISO 9001, 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certification for all its transformers. Regular internal and external quality audits ensure full and continues conformity with the international standards. The company’s material and components suppliers are also required to satisfy these ISO standards.

Quality control is earned out at each stage of production on a self-assessment basic. Each employee regards the next workstation as his customer and performs a series of quality checks before passing on a product down the line. The quality development department monitors all quality control documents and carries out its own additional inspection at strategic points in the production process. This system of checks and counter checks allows immediate action to be taken and modification to be made as required. All transformer tanks are tested before being released to the customer. Testing includes leakage test and pressure test.