Unitized Transportable Substation is used for feeding power from high voltage to low voltage in open cast mines, construction sites, metro cities etc. The substation is compact in size, suitable for frequent shifting and for use in outdoor locations. The substation is installed and mounted on skid frame or wheels or channels and is provided with lifting hooks. The unitized substation comprises of the following main components:

  • Vacuum Circuit Breaker panel in outdoor enclosure upto 11KV 1250A complete with CT, PT, Relay & Instrument chamber. The outdoor panel is directly coupled with HT Flange of the transformer with copper busbars. The incoming of the HT Panel is provided either with Plug Socket or Cable box. Alternatively a Load Break Switch or a Ring Main Unit can also be coupled with the HT bushing of the transformer.
  • Outdoor type Transformer upto 1600KVA 11KV-6.6KV-3.3KV/415V, DYn11, ONAN with off load tap changing switch and standard fittings as per IS/IEC standards. The transformer has HT Flange with bushings to be coupled directly with the outgoing of the HT Panel and LT flange with the incoming of LT Panel. The transformer can be either Oil immersed type or Dry type with Nomex insulation. With Dry type transformer the total unit can be housed in a single outdoor type enclosure in place of three separate enclosures.
  • LT Panel is outdoor type comprising of one or more air circuit breaker or MCCB either in single or board formation suitable for a System Voltage of 415V,3-Phase 50 C/S. Incoming of LT Panel is directly coupled with the LT flange of the transformer. The outgoing is either Cable box or Plug & Socket arrangement for feeding power to LT equipment.

Salient Features –

  • Easy to operate, safe.
  • Compact portable & ready to install.
  • Designed for better cooling.
  • All fasteners are SS/Steel Zinc plated.
  • Transformer dry type or oil cooled
  • Low maintenance
  • Customer made design
  • Superior aesthetics
  • All compartments are provided with illumination
  • In accordance with IEC 62271 , IEC 1331

Suitable for all weathers

  • Design Combinations –


  • Ring Main Unit
  • Vacuum Circuit Breaker
  • Load Break Switches n SCADA Interface


  • Oil Cooled Transformer or Cast Resin dry type or VPI dry type
  • Low losses design n Corrugated tank
  • Tap changer


  • Air circuit breaker
  • Molded case circuit break
  • Fuse units
  • Fuse
  • Metering with SCADA option